Always innovative and ahead of the market trends, Eltete Tpm used its lamination skills and knownledge to create a graphic board named D-Board. The commercialization has been represented by De-Mill.

Very recently, on 1rst of January 2016, we decided to make the acquisition of ALLISON board production and commercialisation. A strategic decision to better serve the needs of the market and complete our product range.

For more information get a look on the webpage of both product:

D-Board is a graphic carton board with an ICB structure, very strong and dense in paper, it is optimal for V-cut and 3D building.

Also available D-Board light with a honeycomb structure, a lighter version, where V-cut are also possible. Mostly used for 2D creation.

ALLISON board is a graphic carton board with an ICB structure, superb printquality, easy cutting, perfect V-cut and fold.

An optimal choice for a 3D construction. High technical board with a width up to 2 meters, white core possibility, and different top layer availibity.