Elbotek 270 protective paperboard


This plastic-covered protective paperboard is suitable for all kind of protection. Keeps in place and is easy-to-shape protection for various usage. You can cover surfaces efficiently and quickly. Can be shaped as a gutter for corners and walls, for example. Durable, damp-resistant and reusable. Colour white/brown. Made in Finland.

Available in two different roll sizes:

Elbotek 270 protective paperboard 30m²
Product code: 50215
EAN-code: 6419544502156
Roll size: width 120-130 cm, 30m² per roll
Color: white/brown
Weight: 8,1 kg
Amount rolls/pallet: 64
Density: 270 g/m²

Elbotek 270 protective paperboard 75m²

Product code: 50216
EAN-code: 6419544502163
Roll size: width 120-130 cm, 75m² per roll
Weight: 20.25 kg
Amount rolls/pallet: 30
Density: 270 g/m²